Artisanal Bakery Pastry France

“A good product is a matter of know-how.”

With first retarder-prover cabinets, PANEM permanently marked the artisanal bakery pastry market. In effect, this brought working comfort and regularity of production during one of the most important steps of bread production with miking and baking.

By controlling the temperatures, the humidity, by sheathing the airflow, PANEM provides a permanent proving control whatever the bread-making diagram is.

Purpose : Retarding proving / Direct proving

Other solutions are supplied, especially for pastry chef, regarding positive storage or deep-freezing.

PANEM adjusts cooling production according to the products to be preserved :

  • Static cold for storage of raw dough in static bench-in refrigerator.
  • Ventilated cold for storage of products ready to eat (with intermittent ventilation) or dough storage before proving (with continuous ventilation).
  • Control of temperature and hygrometry (15°C/16°C -55%HR) for chocolate storage in ventilated bench-in refrigerators or fridge cabinets.

Blast freezing – Preserving /  Positive – Negative

Get positive or negative preserving temperatures within a very short time, get stable product at a given temperature, get constant blast-freezing… PANEM allows as well all situations.

Give support, innovate : on a daily basis, PANEM is the partner of these professions.

Find out now more a sample of our facilities in the artisanal bakery pastry sector of France :