Industrial Bakery Pastry

The industrial Bakery / Pastry endorsed and trusted in PANEM solutions.

PANEM you support and adapts its services according to your needs. Thus, regardless of the manufacturing process you use in your bakery/industrial pastry shop, PANEM deploys cooling solutions that perfectly integrate their place, at the right time, and required temperature. Collaborating with PANEM also means having the guarantee of a healthy and quality activity for these different processes :

  • Frozen pastry
  • Fully baked bread and danish
  • Raw frozen bread and danish
  • Pre-proved frozen bread and danish
  • Part-baked bread

The professionals of the industry need to master recipes increasingly elaborate, PANEM solutions supplies for the following processes :

And this, according to your requirements in capacity, range of production but also daily production. In PANEM’s retarder prover tunnels, and soon in the blast freezing tunnels, possibility to set up automated racks conveyor. Browse our pages and find solutions which suit your expectations.

Are you considering the purchase of the one of our products for your industry ? No problem ! Feel free to contact your PANEM company for more informations.

Discover as of now a sample of our installations in this sector :

Discover now the 3D Bakery made by our partner ADEPTA, in collaboration with PANEM INTERNATIONAL and 11 other French companies.

To visit this 3D bakery and find our appliances, click here.

In the meantime, here is a preview of this one: