Because a good tasting, first of all, requires a good conservation. Don’t hesitate, buy your PANEM for your chocolate delights.

The PANEM chocolate workstation is designed only for the positive storage of chocolate with constant temperature and humidity control. The first step is dedicated to fill all the plate of chocolate previously installed on the top of the workstation. Large double doors allows the easier insertion of the plates inside the equipment. Allowing a positive conservation from +2°C/+4°C, this product is dedicated to chocolate storage thanks to regulated temperature of +15°C/+18°C and a hygrometry rate of 55%/65%. A plate contains 1 removable chocolate frame of 2 supports 360×360 mm and 10 mm thick. The chocolate workstation can have up to 30 plates over 15 levels.

Our chocolate workstation appeals to anyone who works with chocolate, respecting the recipes of professionals. More specifically, we have developed advantages such as automatic or continuous ventilation adjustment to regulate humidity, a large exchange surface of the evaporator tank positioned outside the storage space, to guarantee non-refrigeration and non-drying products. Unique on the ventilated workstation market, our equipment ensures temperature uniformity and above all better protection of your finished products thanks to a ducted ventilated air system that is more efficient than traditional circulated air.

Discover the advantages of the range of chocolate workstation :


Practicality and speed

Modulable plate design

Storage up to 60 kg of chocolate

Time saving and precision of gesture

Re-evaporation of defrosting water

Seal easily interchangeable without tools


Stainless steel interior and dismantled

Bung hole for water

Rounded corners for easy cleaning


Optimized door sealing

High insulation

Durability of the closures

Controlled energy consumption



Unique on the workstation market with its sheathed ventilated air

Temperature homogeneity

Better protection of finished products

Management of the hygrometry

Chocolate workstation
Chocolate workstation


  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Granite or stainless steel top
  • Double door
  • Unit on casters with brake
  • Evaporating of defrosting water
  • Automatic defrosting integrated to the regulator
  • Condensing unit incorporated
  • Fluid R452A
  • Cold power -10/+32°C
  • 230V Mono + T 50Htz
  • Control panel with cold electronic regulation


  • Pre-set -equipment: plates, frames, squeegee and connecting parts
  • Set 1 plate + 1 additional frame
  • Additionnal plates
  • Frames alone (different thickness)
  • Caddling door range Polyrey
  • Scraper

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