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Our range of ventilated workstation allows you to store products in a cooled place while benefiting from a cooled work surface. With a stainless steel or granite top, from 2 to 5 doors for capacities adapted to your needs, with housed or separated condensing unit; we can answer all your projects. Prefer the ventilated workstation for the storage of pastry products whether they are finished or semi-finished, fragile or not. It is adapted to all products !

Unique on the ventilated workstation, our equipment ensures temperature homogeneity and above all better protection of your finished products thanks to a sheathed ventilated air system, more efficient than traditional mixed air. The cooling system placed outside the storage area thus avoids being in direct contact with the products. Everything has been thought out so as not to alter the taste and quality of your products, even the most sensitive. Several uses are also possible such as chocolate storage, ganache preservation, retarder prover, and positive cold storage.

Discover the advantages of the range of ventilated workstation :


The highest capacity of the market

Declination in 2, 3, 4, or 5 doors

Delivery dismentled or assembled

Reversible door

Re-evaporation of defrost water

Seal easily interchangeable without tools


Stainless steel interior and dismantled

Bung hole for water

Rounded corners for easy cleaning


Optimized door sealing

High insulation

Durability of the closures

Controlled energy consumption



Automatic or continuous ventilation adjustment to regulate humidity

Non-drying cold

Unique on the workstation market with your sheathed ventilated air

Temperature homogeneity

Better protection of your finished products

Ventilated workstation
Ventilated workstation


  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Granite or stainless steel top
  • Polyvalent right or left door hinge
  • Unit on casters with brakes
  • Evaporating of defrosting water
  • Automatic defrosting integrated to the regulator
  • Incorporated or remote condensing unit
  • Fluid R452A
  • Cold power -10/+32°C
  • 230V Mono + T 50Htz
  • Control panel with cold electronic regulation


  • Retarder proving option
  • Screw-jacks
  • Caddling door range Polyrey
  • Chocolate option with hygrometry system

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