Retarder-proving : What is it for?

01 Dec.

What is proving process ?

Before looking at retarder-proving, it is worth asking what proving is.

It is simply the transformation of certain organic substances by micro-organisms called ferments. In the case of bread proving, the yeasts (ferments) convert the simple sugars in the dough into carbon dioxide, ethyl alcohol and other compounds. These elements allow the dough to rise and give it all its flavour.

The objective of all bakers is to master the proving process, in order to obtain the bread that corresponds to their taste, shape, aeration, etc. Thus, in recent years, new bread-making techniques have been developed (slow proving, retarder-prover, etc.). These make it possible to offer a wide variety of breads.

But proving is a long process, which requires various interventions to obtain a quality dough. The baker’s trade is therefore known for its long working hours and night work, all so that customers can have their baguette in the early morning.

But, what is retarder-proving ?

In 1969, PANEM INTERNATIONAL developed retarder-proving process. This revolutionary process made it possible to respond to the growing need of bakers to return to a “normal” rhythm of life, more in line with society’s standards. The principle of retarder-proving is based on slowing down or even stopping the activity of the yeast by the action of cold. Thus, with the help of an automated equipment, the baker can programme the rising of his dough during the night, choosing the duration of his cycles and their temperature. The equipment automatically “blocks” the dough by cooling it to around 2°C. Then, according to the baker’s instructions, it reheats it and reactivates proving.

What does retarder-proving provide ?

What does retarder-proving provide?

1°- Control of the speed and development of prover

2°- A reduction in the number of hours worked at night

3°- Easier work

4°- A regular proving totally independent of the external climate.

5°- A bread with a better taste.

6°- A management of the production flow

7°- Bread available at any time.

8°- Security against overgrowth.

PANEM offers a turnkey solution adapted to manage and program the different stages of prover.

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