The secret of our clients is their PANEM

True best-seller of our catalogue, PANEM retarder prover cell for frozen dough have been produced and used for decades: an authentic pledge of know-how and expertise! Retarder prover cell are adjustable at will; whether in number of trolleys content, with standard or specific trolley sizes, in terms of layout. Everything is adaptable: the perfect balance between technic and customisation ! This range of retarder proving cell has a humidity system with stainless steel boilers. Whether in direct, retarder proving or slow proving, the process is managed thanks to our electronic interfaces including time, temperature and humidity management to preserve the quality of the recipes.

Discover the advantages of the range of retarder prover cell for frozen dough :


Adaptable for any room

Reversible door hinge

Match with all racks

Non-slipping grid resin floor in option

Seal easily interchangeable without tool

Stainless steel interior protection by stops and guides-racks

Closing by Dictator


Interior stainless steel

Panels assembled on a PVC belt

Limitated corrosion risk


Optimized door sealing

High insulation

Locks durability

Controlled energy consumption



Integrated humidification system

Non-drying cold

Possibility of “cold reset”

No external water supply

Respect recipes

Regularity of growth thanks to the distribution of ducted air

Limitated crusting risk


Roll-in racks retarder-prover cells
Roll-in rack retarder prover cell for frozen dough


  • Pre-enamelled exterior
  • Stainless steel interior and front
  • Polyvalent right or left door hinge
  • Guide-racks and stops in stainless steel
  • Closure by Dictator
  • Humidity by stainless steel boiler
  • Simplified air sheathing
  • Remote condensing unit
  • Fluid R452A
  • Cold power -10° / +32°
  • 400 V TRI+ N + T 50Hz
  • Easy use control panel


  • Window
  • Lighting
  • Phenolic resin floor
  • Humidity with boiler
  • Double doors
  • Different existing control panel
  • Incorporated condensing unit
  • Tunnel

Range references

Rack A 520x820x1920 mm
Rack B 820x520x1920 mm
Rack C 670x810x1920 mm
Rack D 810x670x1920 mm
Rack F 820x910x1920 mm
Rack G 910x820x1920 mm
Rack H 820x1284x1920 mm

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