What does your pasta really want ? It’s a PANEM !

This range of retarder-prover cabinet has been designed for all types of supports and more particularly for rectangular tanks thanks to specific angles. The use of these rectangular tanks mainly in bakery, makes possible proving yeast as well as any kinds of fresh dough. For a load of rectangular tanks, for example of dimensions 410x530x145 mm, we obtain a capacity ranging from 9 to 36 tanks in total depending on the cabinet model.

Discover the advantages of the range of retarder-prover cabinet for rectangular tanks :


Adjustable stainless steel angles and slipper-guides

Reversible door hinge

Match with all supports

Equipment delivered ready to connect

Delivered dismantled on demand

Seal easily interchangeable without tools


Interior all in stainless steel

Bung hole for water

Interior easily removable


Tropicalized condensing unit as standard

Optimized door sealing

High insulation

Locks durability

Controlled energy consumption

Reinforced cold special blocking


No external water supply as standard

Non-drying cold

Low crusting risk

Enabling an even of growth

Possibility of “Cold Reset”

Resumption of the cycle in the event of a power cut

Retarder prover cabinet for rectangular tanks


  • Pre-enamelled exterior
  • Stainless steel interior and front
  • Polyvalent right or left door hinge
  • Adjustable interior fitting
  • Adjustable screw-jacks for a perfect leveling
  • Tropicalized condensing unit
  • Fluid R452A
  • Cold power -10° / +32°
  • 230V Mono + T 50Htz
  • Easy use control panel


  • Window
  • Lighting
  • Casters
  • Humidity with boiler
  • Wider angles
  • Different existing control panel

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